Progressive lightning rod Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and GOP Sen. Ted Cruz clashed on social media over which party is to blame for a stalled coronavirus stimulus package after Congress left Washington for the week-long Thanksgiving recess.

“People across the country are going hungry, COVID is set to explode, and Mitch McConnell dismissed the Senate last week,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Monday. “I don’t know how these people can sleep at night. I really don’t.”

Responding to the New York Democrat’s post, Cruz blamed Democrats for blocking a $500 billion package backed by most Republicans.

“Why is your party filibustering $500 billion in COVID relief?” the Texas Republican asked. “And Joe Biden is cheering them on. Thinking that blocking relief somehow helps Dems win Georgia.”

AOC shot back that the House doesn’t have filibusters.

“We also passed several COVID relief packages to the Senate that not only include $500 billion, but also prioritize helping real people as opposed to Wall St bailouts the GOP tries to pass off as ‘relief.’ Nice try though,” she said.

That led Cruz to accuse Ocasio-Cortez of being unaware “there are Democrats in the Senate.”

He added that Biden is encouraging Democrats to stall a relief package because it could help Democratic candidates running in a Jan. 5 runoff race in Georgia, which could determine control of the Senate.

“@AOC seems not to know there are Democrats in the Senate,” the senator wrote. “Or that Joe Biden (also a Dem) is publicly calling on Senate Dems to continue filibustering COVID relief because he thinks it will help them win Georgia.”

Millions of Americans are jobless as the country continues to battle the pandemic and a relief package goes nowhere in Congress.

House Democrats voted to approve the $3.4 trillion HEROES Act in May and voted for an updated $2.2 trillion bill in October.

Sen. Ted CruzManuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Biden has said he supports Congress passing a stimulus package this year before he takes office Jan. 20.

Congress returns next week.

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